Laparoscopy (Keyhole Surgery)


What is keyhole Surgery?

Keyhole surgery, also know as laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery, is commonly performed in human surgery but is only available from a handful of veterinary facilities in Australia. A thin surgical telescope is inserted into the abdomen through a 5mm port allowing the surgeon to visualise the internal organs without opening the abdomen.  Subsequent ports can then be inserted to allow surgical instruments to be introduced to the abdomen and perform a variety of procedures.

What are the advantages of keyhole Surgery?

Small Wounds                        Less Pain  

                   Faster Recoveries              More Accurate Surgery

There are enormous advantages of performing keyhole procedures over traditional open surgery techniques.  One fundamental advantage is that the minimal invasive procedures result in less surgical trauma and pain than open surgery. Because surgery is performed through 5mm ports the wounds are very small and heal rapidly with minimal scarring. This means that our patients have a quicker recovery and are far more comfortable after undergoing keyhole surgery.

Keyhole surgery also allows better visualisation in the abdomen because a telescopic camera is used and can be directed into small areas within the abdomen that are difficult to visualise with the naked eye. The camera is also able to record photos and videos of the surgery that can be added to the pet’s medical records for future reference.  The photos and videos can also be used to help you better understand your animals condition and to see just how the surgery was performed.

What procedures can be performed?

There are a large number of procedures that can be performed using keyhole surgery, however it is unfortunately not possible to perform all procedures this way.  Some of the common procedures include:

Female Desexing Tumour Diagnostics
Retained Testicle Removal Exploratory Surgeries
Gastropexies Bladder Stone Removal
Liver Biopsies Intestinal Foreign Body Removal
Pancreatic Biopsies Gall Bladder Removal
Intestinal Biopsies Feeding Tube Placement
Lymph Node Biopsies Plus many more… 

There are also a number of advanced procedures that can be performed including thoracoscopy, which allows visualisation and minimally invasive surgical procedures to be performed in the chest cavity.

Does it cost more?

Due to the cost of the equipment used, keyhole surgery does cost slightly more than traditional open surgical techniques. Fortunately the benefits and advantages of keyhole surgery far outweigh the marginal increase in costs. It is also important to remember that most pet insurance policies will cover keyhole surgery procedures.

Want More Information?

If you would like more information regarding our keyhole procedures then please contact us or follow one of the links below on specific procedures.

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                 Bladder Stone Removal

                 Gall Bladder Removal

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