10 Reasons to desex your pet with Tasmanian Animal Hospitals


Here are 10 reasons why you should always choose Tasmanian Animal Hospitals to desex your treasured companions

  1. Pre Anaesthetic Checks – All our patients receive a full physical examination and you will be called immediately if there are any additional findings. Pre Anaesthetic Blood tests are available in our hospital if we have any health concerns.
  2. Pain Relief – We use a combination of painkillers to optimise pain control, Pre surgical opiates and post surgical non- steroidal anti-inflammatories. All our patients go home on 3 days of further pain relief. This improves healing times and reduces post operative complications such as wound licking and swelling.
  3. Nurse Monitoring – A point of difference for Tasmanian Animal Hospitals is our increased number of rigorously trained nursing staff. This allows for continuous human monitoring from induction to recovery. This is still the most important factor in reducing anaesthetic complications. Our extra nurse numbers means we have a dedicated nurse to sit with your patient until they are recovered and are sitting upright. This is one of the most common but overlooked times for anaesthetic complications and it is also a potentially stressful time for your pet so having trained nurses to comfort them on wakeup is essential.
  4. Intravenous Fluids. IV fluids reduce anaesthetic risk and help speed recovery. One of their main purposes is to maintain adequate blood pressure during an anaesthetic as anaesthetic drugs often cause a drop in blood pressure, which can severely compromise organ function. They also help to flush the anaesthetic drugs from the body once the anaesthetic has finished – hence a much speedier and safer recovery.
  5. Cocoon Patient Warming – This device envelops your pet in a warm air blanket during surgery. It helps maintain body temperature, which reduces anaesthetic risk and speeds recovery.
  6. Veterinary Bedding & Electric blankets – Our soft veterinary bedding (with electric blankets) not only ensures a soft and warm recovery but will also wick away moisture in the case of a postoperative toilet accident.
  7. Sterility – Our surgical sterility, which includes full gown, gloves mask and hat for surgeons is world class. We are proud of the fact that our levels of sterility mean we have no requirement for antibiotic usage in routine surgeries.
  8. Monitoring equipment – Our monitoring equipment can measure Oxygen saturation, Carbon Dioxide, Blood Pressure, Temperature and ECG. This equipment dramatically improves anaesthetic safety, as our trained anaesthetic nurses are able to detect any potential anaesthetic complications before they occur.
  9. Intradermal sutures – These sutures are buried in the skin so there are no external sutures to lick or chew out and no uncomfortable procedure to remove sutures.
  10. Care and Communication – We pride ourselves on our care and communication. Our goal is to care for you and your pet as part of our family. Updates are regular and can be tailored to your needs. Post surgery we offer free checkups if you have any concerns to ensure we get the best outcomes.

It is the effort we put in that tells you how much we careTasmanian Animal Hospitals

If you have any questions regarding our desexing procedures then please don’t hesitate to contact us.