Dentistry with Dr Rob

I was on a natural high. It may have been the unseasonably warm weather. Perhaps the fact that the Australian cricket team, my football team (who will remain nameless) and my under 6 soccer team had NOT lost this week – (All yet to play). Or maybe it was the birth of our first, so cute it makes you nauseous,  twin lambs and the spontaneous spiral of excitement this created in my children Erin(7) and Ben (5).

Sensing my mood our Admin team (who will remain nameless ….Nola and Belinda) suggested I write a blog. Being of the near extinct species Technology Phobius they had to explain a blog was basically a quick online ramble about something you know little about.

Perfect – I can do this.

“Oh and its Pet dental month, so can you do it on dentistry”

The trouble with being on a high is you have further to fall. As I peeled myself off the ground, re-articulating various bits and simply hosed the rest away, the size of this monumental task hit me.

How can you create a blog on dentistry, the most fear inducing yet simultaneously mind numbing topic that anyone would read.

Bruised, battered and depressed, none the less I soldiered on.

Robs 4 Step Fool Proof technique to brushing your Pets Teeth

Firstly let me say something – Teeth brushing is not for every pet.  One of my somewhat unsuccessful life goals has been to not have an ongoing relationship with the emergency ward. If this describes your pets reaction to having their mouth touched read no further.

However Brushing is by far the best and healthiest way to maintain good teeth for the life of your pet

Step 1 – Creating the mood.

Pets love routine (don’t say this too quickly in public) and most of them love cuddles.  The first step in brushing teeth is to create the right mood for brushing.

So buy a new couch, grab your favourite bevy, fluff up the pillows and turn the lights down.  Turn up the mood music, arm yourself with a couple of treats and relax you lap muscles. Now let the petting begin.

For the next month do nothing more then petting and treats at the same time each day until your pet is completely relaxed.

Step 2 – First base

Once your pet is relaxed it is time to make the first move. Gently lift the lip and touch the gum. Ok that’s enough. Over the next month slowly build up this gum touching until you can touch the gums all over. Don’t rush and go at your pets pace. If they start to pull away stop for that night and then pet until they relaxed again.

Step 3- Don’t forget protection

Pet’s teeth need protection and pet tooth paste (not human) is the answer

Once you can touch the gums all over it is time to introduce pet tooth paste. Pet tooth paste has amazing flavours – if you are a cat or dog.  These include chicken, cheese, zesty tuna, minted roast lamb and crispy baked potatoes, 3 day old road kill etc.

Mostly the tooth paste acts as the pets own reward. But once again get them used to it slowly.


Step 4 -Time to go all the way

And then finally after months of meticulously planned seduction it is time. Pet tooth brushes come as either short and soft bristled or as a thimble. Start with very minimal gentle brushing, a circular motion on the gum line is best.  Reward immediately and slowly build to full brushing over several weeks. Remember to back off at the first signs of resistance, calm your pet and start again tomorrow.

So there you have it Near Fool proof brushing.

Best of luck,