Grass seeds

So it’s that time of year again when stone fruit is plentiful, flowers are blossoming, lambs are frolicking in the paddocks and pollen fills the air just to make it’s way in to your sinus’ causing the inevitable tingling feeling of the dreaded hay fever. It is also the season for grass seeds.


We had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful little Rusty on Wednesday morning who had been having trouble with his left ear. We tried to have a look down his ears while with his dad in consult but it was just too painful for him to tolerate. We decided to admit him for an anesthetic to make it more comfortable.







He said goodbye to his dad and came out into the hospital with nurse Romy. We gave him a sedative to relax him before his anesthetic, this also allowed us to place his cannula and fluid line. He had a cuddle with Dr Liz and then was put under his anesthetic and the procedure began.


Removing the grass seed from Rusty’s ear

We assessed both his ears to check for grass seeds and signs of infection. We found that he had a rather large grass seed in his left ear with a low grade yeast infection. Thankfully he only had one grass seed and it was removed easily. To treat his ear infection we prescribed some ear drops to take home.DSCN5355

Nurse Romy then got him settled into his nice warm recovery bed to monitor his wake up. We gave his mum a call to let her know the procedure was completed and that everything went smoothly.

 Both his mum and dad came in to talk to nurse Ashley about his recovery and medications before he went home.

We wish Rusty a speedy recovery at home and cant wait to see him again for cuddles at his revisit.