HEALTH ALERT – Tapeworm infection is on the rise in Tasmanian dogs.


You may have seen this in the news lately.

The hydatid tapeworm can be spread from dogs to people. It causes serious illness in humans. Dogs are infested by eating offal (raw organs such as kidneys, liver etc) from sheep and cattle.

To prevent tapeworms in your dog and your family:

•  Use an effective dog wormer every 3 months, such as Drontal. Be careful as not all “wormers” are effective against tapeworm.

•  Never feed your dog offal. It is present in some “pet minces” or “dog meat” in the supermarkets and butchers.

• Make sure you and your kids practice good hygiene. Don’t let your dog lick faces, and make sure kids wash their hands after playing with the dog.


Please call if you have any questions or to arrange worming treatment for your dog.


 hydatid lifecycle

Dr Grace Woodward  BVSc (Hons 1)