Keyhole surgery at Tasmanian Animal Hospitals

Keyhole Surgery

Tasmanian Animal Hospitals is now the first and only veterinary facility in Tasmania able to perform keyhole surgery on your loved ones.

Keyhole surgery involves the use of a surgical telescope to visualise the internal organs. Small ports are then placed into the abdominal cavity to perform diagnostic and surgical procedures without the need to open the abdomen.  The result is smaller wounds and significantly less surgical trauma leading to less painful procedures and quicker recoveries from surgery. The use of a surgical telescope also results in better visualisation within the abdomen and more accurate and safer surgical procedures. A huge variety of procedures can be performed using keyhole surgery, ranging from routine procedures such as desexing and organ biopsies right through to more advanced procedures such as gall bladder removals and thoracic keyhole procedures.

If you would like more information then please visit the keyhole surgery page on our website or feel free to contact us