Nutrition Advice

HillsAs a pet owner you want to ensure you are feeding your pet a healthy and balanced diet.

We recommend and stock Hill’s Science Diet products. Their research behind the formulas and their commitment to safety and quality is excellent.

Pet foods vary enormously in price and quality and many contain poor quality ingredients and excesses of nutrients. Commercial pet foods are often sold on palatability and have high levels of salt and fat. Often a single product is fed for all ages where nutrients are added at levels to meet the highest potential need – usually growth and reproduction. Precise nutrition is essential, as too few or too many nutrients can be harmful to a pet. By feeding the right food at the right age you can help prevent problems later in life and help your pet live longer.

Many owners believe that a home made diet is best for their pet. It is possible to achieve the same nutrient balance with a home made diet as with a commercially prepared food but this largely depends on the accuracy of the recipe and the compliance and discipline of the owner. Unfortunately many homemade diets are not complete or balanced to fulfil animal requirements.

Pets can live longer, healthier lives through proper nutrition. Every cat and dog progresses through life stages as they mature. Each stage is unique and requires different nutritional needs.

If you would like to know more about feeding your pet a balanced diet please ask one our Client Services Staff for assistance.

Hills are offering our Pet of the Month a complimentary bag of food.

Nutrition Advice