Puppy School

Would you like to guide your puppy to be a safe, sociable and manageable member of your family

and the wider community?


Puppy Preschool

Puppy School is very important first step to start socialising and training your puppy.

At Tasmanian Animal Hospitals, our Puppy School classes are run held in a secure, safe environment and take into account your puppy’s temperament and confidence level.

Classes are run weekly at our Bellerive Clinic on weekday evenings and occasional weekends.

Puppies between 8-16 weeks of age are invited to attend once they have had their first vaccination.


10 reasons to choose Tasmanian Animal Hospitals for your Puppy School

  1. Small classes. We have restrict numbers to 4-6 puppies so that you and your puppy can have individual attention.
  2. Plenty of play. Puppies are socialised with other dogs (and humans) in a safe and fun manner, with plenty of play time.
  3. Evidence based. Training methods are based on proven scientific methods (Operant and Classical Conditioning).
  4. Positive training. You will learn to use positive, reward-based training, rather than dominance or punishment.
  5. Fundamental commands – Puppies will learn the most important cues such as sit, stay, come and heel, followed by a few “party tricks”.
  6. Avoid problem behaviours. Discuss how to stop problem behaviours like jumping up, barking or play biting.
  7. Densensitisation. We will start to desensitise puppies to new experiences such as having their nails trimmed or their teeth brushed.
  8. Health care tips. Important health care for your puppy such as worming, flea treatment and vaccinations will also be discussed.
  9. Written notes. Take-home information sheets are provided each weeks for you to share with the family or refer to later.
  10. All welcome! Family members are encouraged to come along, including children.

If you have any further questions about puppy class, please feel free! You are welcome to chat with the friendly staff at any of our clinics over the phone, via email or in person.

Places fill up very quickly, so please call to book your puppy in for Puppy Class as soon as possible.

We all look forward to meeting you, your puppy and family soon!

Puppy School Enquiry

If you would like to enquire about Puppy classes by e-mail, please contact us