Ruby’s Soft palate, Nares and Spey procedure




Ruby was in for surgery at the Bellerive clinic with Dr Gareth on Monday, She was in for desexing,  soft palate and nares surgery.  Some breeds of dog have an elongated soft palate which can cause an obstruction in  the larynx and prevent normal breathing. It its very common in brachycephalic (short nosed) dogs and is often repaired in young animals before it causes any major breathing difficulty.

Sutures in Ruby’s nose after her Nares procedure

Soft palate surgery is a delicate procedure which involves exposing and removing the elongated palate through an intra-oral approach without damaging any of the structures of the larynx or mouth. The excess soft palate is carefully measured before removal. Once the tissue has been excised the nasal and oral mucosa are sutured together with a soft absorbable suture material.

Elly and Ruby 3
Ruby and her big sister Elly


Dr Gareth and Nurse Keeley during Ruby’s procedur

Brachycephalic breeds usually have restriction of their nostril openings (nares) as well as an elongated soft palate so this is usually repaired at the same time. Resection of a part of Ruby’s nares involves resecting a piece of cartilage and tissue at the opening of the nostrils. This opens the nostrils and allows improved air movement when breathing.

She was also desexed during the surgery and this involves making an abdominal incision through to the abdominal cavity to locate the ovaries and uterus. The major blood vessels are ligated and the ovaries and uterus are removed. the wound is then sutured closed with special absorbable suture.

Ruby being closely monitored by nurse Keeley as she recovers

She recovered very well but still needed to be cared for over night to ensure she was kept comfortable and there were no breathing complications post surgery. She was transported to the After Hour Veterinary Emergency Center (AHVEC)

Elly and Ruby 2
Ruby with her sister Elly and mum Leah

She went home on Tuesday to her beautiful sister Elly and her mum Leah, She was looked after by Elly on Tuesday night and was nearly back to normal by the next day.