Skin checks at Kingston TAH

You’ve checked yours, now what about theirs?

Australians know the importance of regular skin checks for their own health and well being.

Many dogs and cats have skin lumps that worry their owners.  If you find any unusual lump or swelling on your pet you should ask your vet to check it out.

Skin lumps in dogs and cats can be sampled easily and examined microscopically to determine their exact nature.  Many worrying lumps will be benign, but some may be malignant and potentially life threatening.


Skin Checks

Cost concerns may leave these bumps unchecked by a vet so at our Kingston Tasmanian Animal Hospitals clinic we are offering a 20% discount off all lumps and bumps consultations until Christmas.

Visit our Kingston clinic at 2/11 John Street.  Phone 6229 9345 for an appointment.

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