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Tasmanian Animal Hospitals Lifetime Health Care Club is a club of like minded pet lovers that have a particular focus on preventative medicine and healthy pets.

The TLC club gives you exclusive access to a range of health care opportunities. A tailored healthcare folder will guide you through each stage of your pets life and help you select the right preventative healthcare options for your needs. Each month there are selected healthcare offers that only TLC club members are able to access. These offers vary from month to month but include discounts on health care services or products, free access to new services or products, or exclusive information on techniques to enhance your pets health. You may even get the chance to improve your own healthcare skills by working behind the scenes for a day in one of our hospitals.

So what are you waiting for??

Join our TLC club today and help us create a healthier future for your loved one

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About TLC

At Tasmanian Animal Hospitals we are currently designing a tailored health care program for every pet. This program aims to maximise each pets life potential so that you and your loved one can fully enjoy your life journey together. It focuses on preventative medicine throughout the life of your pet rather then waiting for problems to arise. The program takes into account life stage, sex, breed and environmental factors; all of which play a very important role in your pets health profile. It covers the most critical aspects of health management including nutrition, medicine, surgery, exercise, behaviour, grooming, diagnostics and health screening. Lifetime health care for puppies and kittens starts at their first vaccine where we introduce you to our lifetime health care folders and guide you through first stages of life, but remember it is never too late for improving health and as our program develops there will be a tailored plan for every pet of every age.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss our TLC program with one of our trained professionals.